Build Legends // Staff Members

JoshDaCosmos - Founder ✨

Hey! I am an astrophysics student and space influencer learning about the inner-workings of the universe. Besides philosophical research, I run Build Legends Creative and Hellvival Nether Survival Minecraft servers! Minecraft is a great way to spend leisure time when I am not melting my brain apart learning physics and calculus.

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MisledWater79 - Head of Staff ✨

Hi! I'm Misled. I'm usually tired a lot but I'm pretty chill. I like to code stuff, mostly little things but I have worked on some bigger project. I'm currently in high school and plan on trying to join the army if I am capable since I've had a lot of surgeries. Other than that I've been with Build Legends for a while and I'm glad it's back.

PowerSquare - Admin

Hi I'm Power. I go by he/him and I'm in high school. I like art stuff, writing, and working out. I'm super happy the server's back and I'm excited to build a bunch and see everyone's builds

Partical - Helper

- Like to code / do sports in free time 

- Canada 🇨🇦

- He/Him

- Timzone: EST

Vasory - Helper

Hey, I'm vas, my pronouns are actually they/them, i'm a programmer and physics enthusiast. i'm 18 and still in high school (our countries high schools end at 20). apart from school i don't have much stuff i do, so i spend my time on minecraft

We're Hiring!

Open Positions:

Community Helper

This position is for anyone looking to help new players in Build Legends by directing them to official help guides, wikis, and tutorials. Additionally, welcoming new players is a responsibility of a helper. This is a great position for anyone looking to become a future moderator or administrator with Build Legends!

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Build Reviewer [JUDGE]

Judges are people who review submitted builds by players and determine if they are eligible for a tier promotion which grants them additional plots and a higher chat tag.

Judges also come together every saturday weekly and select a build of the week by searching through players plots and finding something extraordinary. They then follow the standard operating procedure and assign the build of the week in-game, publish to our blog, and add to composites #build-of-the-week channel.

Anyone is open to apply who has considerable experience building in Minecraft. Portfolios are highly recommended, as well as proof-of-builds. Anyone on a professional build team has a great chance of being selected.

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This application is open to anyone with a Minecraft-specific audience. Influencers may earn payouts every month for inviting at least 100 people a month to our Discord server. Minimum 10K subscribers on non-tiktok platforms and 50K followers on Tiktok.

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Staff Manager

Previous Minecraft Server management experience is required. The role of a staff manager is to conduct weekly performance reviews with the moderation and helper team, hire and onboard new moderators, and handle disputes that are forwarded from moderators. This is not an actual job, and candidites are anyone looking to have fun and grow our Minecraft server!

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