Report A Player

The Report a Player page on Build Legends is a vital tool for maintaining a fair and enjoyable community. This page is for players to report any behavior that goes against the community guidelines. By using this page, you are playing an important role in keeping the server a fun and safe place for everyone.

Here's some useful information to keep in mind when reporting a player:

  • Please provide as much detail as possible, including the date and time of the incident, and any relevant screenshots or evidence.
  • Do not take justice into your own hands by retaliating against rule-breaking players.
  • False reporting or abuse of the report system will not be tolerated.

Our moderation team will review all reports and take appropriate action. Thank you for helping us create the best experience possible on Build Legends!

╭╯₊˚🌴ꮺ╰╮˚⊹🥑ଓ‧₊˚⤾ Keep Build Legends Safe and Fun for Everyone ╭╯₊˚🌴ꮺ╰╮˚⊹🥑ଓ‧₊˚⤾